5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil: Consumption Methods and Recipes

Hemp oil is an excellent source of healthy fats and amino acids. It can be used to make delicious desserts, salads, or even eaten alone as a snack!

You may have seen hemp seed on the shelves of your grocery store but never knew what to do with it. This blog post will introduce 5 ways you can use Synchronicity Hemp Oil in your cooking and lifestyle.

Ways To Consume It:

  1. The first one is to sauté vegetables with hemp oil. The high heat can easily break down the fats and release their proteins, which provides a great flavor to your meal!

Hemp Oil can be used as a base for many different recipes. Add it into your baking or cooking to increase healthy fats and nutrients and pack more protein than usual!

  1. The second is to make salad dressing or drizzle it on top of salads for some extra nutrients and healthy fat. Finally, be creative when making sauces; you could add avocado, garlic, ginger… anything goes!
  1. Thirdly, Hemp Oil can be used as an ingredient in dips such as hummus, guacamole, cheese spreads. It’s also awesome added into smoothies! A few tablespoons will give them a creamy texture while packing more protein than what dairy would provide.
  1. The fourth is to make hemp milk. This plant-based milk is healthy, delicious, and easy for your body to digest. Mix it with tea or coffee in the morning, or enjoy it as a protein-packed snack after lunch!
  1. Lastly, you can add hemp oil to any liquid substance such as water, juice, tea… This will give the liquid an oily texture which is great in summer to stay calm, but also in winter to help your body fight against cold.


You can make Hemp Oil into tinctures. Tinctures are extracts that deliver powerful effects without having to consume large amounts of oil.

You can either ingest them directly by putting drops under your tongue (avoid consuming alcohol if doing this), mix them into drinks like smoothies, or take capsules instead.

Keep these stored in dark bottles away from direct sunlight because the heat could destroy their beneficial compounds.

Last Words:

In conclusion, hemp oil is a nutrient-dense ingredient that can be used in various ways. In addition, it has a mild taste, so it goes well with most dishes, and it’s easy to include into your lifestyle!

These were just a few ways from our end. Of course, you can always do your research on how you can use it. I hope this article was helpful for you!

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