A Brief Guide to Finding the Correct Soap for Your Skin


Finding the correct soap for your skin type can be a bit of a nightmare, certainly considering the number of products that are available these days, even your local convenience store probably has an entire isle stacked with skin and beauty care products but, not all of them are good for your skin so, how do you choose?

Know your skin type

It’s really important to know what kind of skin type you have so that you can, at least choose the most suitable category of skin care products. It’s also important to know and understand what it is that you are hoping to achieve from using the product and brand of soap production (known as ผลิตสบู่ in Thai) that you use. When you know the answers to these questions you can start a more refined search. Here are some of the most common skin categories and what you could expect to receive in terms of results;

Dry skin

Your body has sebaceous glands which generate something called sebum, which is an oily, waxy material that is vital for good healthy skin. A good balance is what is needed, too much and, you will suffer from oily skin, too little and you will suffer from dry skin. If you have dry skin then you should look for soaps that contain moisturising properties found in ingredients such as glycerine, vegetable oils, avocado, aloe vera, coconut oil and or jojoba oil.

Oily skin

As mentioned above, if your body is producing too much sebum it can become a problem resulting in oily skin which doesn’t feel very pleasant at all. If you suffer from oily skin then you should try and find a soap that contains sea salt, oatmeal brown sugar or peach pits. Soap that contains these ingredients will be softer on your skin and enable you to gently exfoliate without causing any damage.

Sensitive skin

In a peculiar way, if you have sensitive skin, you are actually, in luck because, the majority of soap manufacturers cater for people with sensitive skin, so much so that soaps for sensitive skin will likely be the first that you notice. There are many reasons why people suffer with sensitive skin ranging from pollution to things like additives in the water you may drink so, if you have sensitive skin, don’t worry you are not alone.

Trial and error

There will be a little bit of trial and error involved with finding the most suitable product however, if you follow the skin type guidelines, it should make your life a little bit easier.


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