A Guide to an International Business Degree Program in Thailand

If you are a Thai student, you won’t need reminding of just how competitive the job market is and in order to maximise your chances of entering a prestigious profession, you should enroll in an international business degree program. What does an international degree program have that a Thai degree doesn’t? The simple answer is credibility; when potential employers look at Thai candidates, they are looking for people with some foreign experience and those who graduate from a prestigious foreign university are always preferred.

Three Year Degree Program

There is one reputable learning institution in Bangkok that offers British courses that are accredited by the UK’s Quality Assessment Board, which is regulated and accepted by the Thai Ministry of Education. The final year would involve studying at a prestigious British university, which is a very valuable experience and when you graduate, you reap the rewards.

Study Abroad

Included in the course is a 12-month study period at a prestigious UK university, where you will be working with British students, helping you to develop essential skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, while also attaining a level of English fluency. You would either stay at a dorm or live with an English family in a homestay package; this will give you a valuable insight into western culture, something that will broaden your horizons.

Career Opportunities

If you would like to work for a multi-national corporation, then graduating from a UK university opens doors and is very attractive from the employer’s perspective. The fact that you spent a year in the UK tells the employer you are a fluent English speaker who can fit right in with a western team and don’t be surprised if you are headhunted (high GPA) as some companies employ headhunters to find the A1 candidates from a batch of newly graduated students.

Online Solutions

When you are looking for a 3-year international degree program in Thailand, the best place to begin your quest for the right course is a Google search. Once you sign up for the MBA course (known as บริหารอินเตอร์ in Thai), your future will be assured.

 The college would have a Thai-Eng website so you can read all about the various business and tourism courses they offer, then book a tour of the institution and prepare some questions for the principal.

Get the edge over rivals by studying an international degree program, which will give you a head start in the race for a great career.

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