A-Z about engagement ring shopping, all the tips and tricks you’ll need

In case you are thinking about going engagement ring shopping or are already in the process, you’ll definitely find a lot of help from the tips that will be mentioned below. If you are out to buy engagement ring London the tips are of great value. In case you haven’t started the research yet, definitely read the article until the end. Because getting into it without any proper knowledge can be dangerous and can turn into a rip off. Now let’s get into it.

Investigate about your partner’s sense of style

It’s time to get into that full on spy mode now. No matter how good the ring is, if it’s not her style, she will not be happy with it. In the present day, most of the couple go engagement ring shopping together. But if you are among the classic and traditional guys then find ways to know her ring size. Tell her best friend about the surprise and she will most probably be down to give you the info.

Pick out the metal

Some of the most common types of metals used for engagement rings are platinum, white gold etc. But if you wanna tryout something new then metals like cobalt, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium are also being used for engagement rings. You can give them a try if you’d like to. The most popular is platinum, but it is also the most expensive.

Pick out a stone (consider buying loose stones)

Mostly, rings are sold as a combination of both stone and the band. But if you have a tight budget, then picking out a stone separately and getting it fitted to the band by engagement ring jewellers London can save you a good amount of money. If you know any jewellers, then you can ask them for information about which stone will be best and stuff related to that.

Shape of the ring should be your first concern

Apart from the 4 C’s shape is also one of the key factors you should consider before getting an engagement ring. Not everyone likes round diamonds, find out which shape your partner likes the best and go for it.

Now comes the setting

Picking out the kind of setting you want on your ring is crucial. I can’t stress on the point enough. You should be very careful while picking out the setting, because the right setting will make any ring look absolutely amazing. On the other side, a setting that you or your partner doesn’t like can ruin it for you. Just keep it in mind to do a lot of research before having the final say.

Set a budget and go according to that

The first I’d like you to do is to just throw the 3 month salary thing out the window. Purchase it if you can afford it. It’s not impossible to find a good engagement ring in a budget. Planning is everything. Just list down your budget and everything you need to get in that. How much will it cost for the band, how much for the stone, how much for the setting and everything else.

Take at least 6 weeks time

An engagement ring is something that you should be able to love forever. So, look at all the different types of rings in your price range, go to 10 different jewellery shops, and compare the prices. And finally get something that will love forever.

Conclusion: We really hope that you found this article helpful. And we also congratulate you on your big day coming up. Make sure you add a special and personalized touch to your ring for an even better feel.

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