Café Style Interior Design

Do you love visiting those cute little cafes and bistros? If they make you happy, why not bring them home! Besides mastering your cooking and baking skills, you can bring them closer by creating a home design that makes you feel closer to your favourite cafes. Put your imagination to use and come up with creative and unique ideas that will help to create a great cafe-style interior design. Given the number of options available in the market, you can easily create a home design that reflects your personality and appears very appealing. If you are not sure what design you can create, here are a few cafe-style interior decorating ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Install a slate board like you see in cafes

Giving your interior design a cafe-style look does not mean you have to make expensive decisions. Sometimes, very budget-friendly interior decorating ideas can help to create just the look you want. A very common trick for giving the home interiors a cafe-style look is by installing a slate board. Using a slate board in your home interiors will help to give the design a very vintage and retro look. It will help to add more visual interest to the space. Further, a slate board will make the space more functional. You can use it to write down various things like groceries so that you do not forget them. Some people write inspiring quotes as well to keep themselves motivated.

02 of 06 Create a cafe-style design using tungsten lights

Using tungsten lights has become a trend in cafes. Their unique appeal helps to enhance the aesthetic beauty of a space and keep a space well-lit. Experts prefer using this type of lighting to create an industrial look in room interior designs. You can easily find them in various interesting designs, shapes, and sizes. Choose an option that will complement the look of your home’s interior design and add more character to the space. If you are not sure how to design with them, just select a motley collection to hang it over your dining table.

03 of 06 Use wall decals to create a cafe-style design

In cute little cafes and bistros, you will not notice a lot of blank spaces on walls. This is because leaving blank space can make the overall design appear a little boring. If you do not spend money on something expensive and elaborate, just opt for simple wall decals. This is getting very popular in cafe designs because you can easily find them in various colours, designs, shapes, sizes, etc. You just have to find one that will complement the look of your interiors and stick it to the wall. Installing wall decals is very easy as well. It requires very little time and effort. Moreover, if you ever feel that the wall decal is feeling old or outdated, you can peel it off and stick a new one in its place.

04 of 06 Add more character using an exposed brick wall

If you frequent cafes and bistros, you must have seen an exposed brick wall. This interior decorating idea can give your home interior design a very interesting look. It will blend in perfectly with traditional home decor. In modern home designs, you can use them to give an edgy look. When created in a well-designed room, it becomes the focal point of the room’s interior design and attracts all the attention. However, it is not always necessary to opt for an exposed brick wall. To save more money, you can just opt for an exposed brick wallpaper instead. A good-quality wallpaper will do the trick as well. You can check out the modern 3D wallpapers for a more realistic look.

05 of 06 Choosing furniture pieces that resemble cafe-style furniture

Furniture pieces play a very major role in the aesthetic beauty and functionality of a space. Hence, you must pay attention to the furniture you choose for your home interiors. If you want to give your home interiors a cafe-style look, choose furniture pieces that have an informal look and give the interiors a laid-back feel. Your primary objective should always be choosing furniture pieces that feel comfortable. One of the most commonly used furniture pieces in a cafe is a bar stool. You can introduce a couple of bar stools in your home design. They have a very versatile look and can be placed almost anywhere in your home.

06 of 06 Introduce indoor plants

Indoor plants are very important to complete your cafe-style look. Almost all cute little bistros or cafes have indoor plants. However, adding just indoor plants is not sufficient. You have to arrange them properly as well like they are presented in cafes. You can either use wall-hanging planters or choose cute little pots to plant your plants. Make sure the planters are stylish and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your interiors.

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