Cardboard Boxes – A Greener Alternative to Traditional Packaging Materials

Cardboard boxes are prefabricated cardboard boxes, mainly used for shipping materials and packaging products and are also sometimes reused. Cardboard boxes are often used as packing peanuts by many companies. Cardboard is mostly made up of three by five-inch sheets, but can be made thicker or thinner according to the needs of the product being packed. This is what makes the box extremely versatile since it can be customized to different shapes, sizes and designs. Moreover, it’s one of the most eco-friendly packing materials available today since it takes a lot less energy to create than other common materials.

Cardboard is made with paper-based pulps that are then coated with Corrugated Metal Blend (CMP) to make the core. The thicker side of the box has CMP added on it and this makes the core ten times stronger than normal paper based corrugated boxes. Because of this, the product is more durable and will be able to withstand wear and tear for long period of time. Specialists within the industry hardly ever use the word cardboard as it doesn’t denote a particular material, but since most of the packaging is made out of this cardboard, it is referred to as cardboard boxes.

While Cardboard Boxes are an extremely popular packaging choice, there are many advantages to using corrugated cardboard and these are as follows: Cost-effective packaging, Eco-friendly packaging, Reusability, Low cost for manufacturing and packaging, Durability. Cardboard Boxes are made from recycled cardboard and thus, can help us lessen the impact of Plastic Packaging on our environment. Cardboard Boxes are commonly used as packaging in many retail outlets, food outlets, restaurants, groceries etc. It comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and thus, can fit almost all types of products. Cardboard Boxes are the most affordable packaging option and is the preferred choice among manufacturers and small businesses.

Cardboard Boxes are made up of Eco-friendly paper whereas, other plastic based packaging is made from oil, petroleum or biodegradable materials. The best part about Cardboard Boxes is that they can be reused as they can be broken into pieces and used again while corrugated boxes cannot be recycled. In this context, we can classify Cardboard Boxes as reusable as they help reduce waste from custom boxes, and also, the by-products created during the manufacturing process can be utilized. This makes Cardboard Boxes as green as they help save the environment from further degradation.

Cardboard Boxes are highly durable as they are made up of tough, quality, paper whereas, the traditional packaging is made out of paper which is quite thin and crumbly. This results in faster decay of the packaging and this can in turn harm the environment adversely. On the other hand, Corrugated Boxes are manufactured with thick, durable paper and can withstand extreme temperature conditions for a longer period of time. This increases its durability as well as reduces its melting rate. With these features, Corrugated Cardboard Boxes are in high demand in the global markets.

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