Different Uses of Anti Seize Compound

Tips on how to buy anti seize compound. When purchasing anti seize compound, it is crucial to look for a high-quality item, made with the highest grade of steel possible, to avoid breaking down prematurely. Most anti-seizure compounds originally only contained aluminum and graphite or similar materials, which suited for many applications, in light to moderate settings. However, these anti-seizure compounds were ideally suited to higher temperature settings because aluminum can tolerate temperatures 1000 F higher, graphite much higher, and copper much higher.

As an alternative, if one prefers to use an anti seize compound that does not incorporate high grade steel alloy, then the compound should be formulated as an oil-water base. This is usually a more stable compound as the ingredients tend to stay close to their normal state, meaning there are fewer chances for them to breakdown or develop chemical interactions with other components used in the composition. The reason for this is due to the fact that the compound will be more diluted and therefore less likely to cause any type of reaction that would change its properties in any way.

Thus, anti seize compounds should be applied in light to moderate settings, and a qualified laboratory should be consulted before its use in a production environment, as there could be reactions between the anti-seizure compounds and other chemicals present. Regardless of whether one chooses to use an oil-water base or not, it is important to apply anti seize lubricant or anti seize compound at regular intervals in order to prevent excessive wear on equipment and machinery, to prevent breakdown of machinery during transportation, and to prevent damage to machinery during storage.

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