Do You Know What Legal Aspects You Must Pay Attention To While Selling Your Motorcycle?

If you are thinking of selling your motorcycle and you never had an experience of this process, then you must read this post. There are plenty of things that will go into selling your motorcycle that you must be aware of. Thankfully, selling your motorcycle is not so difficult at all, however, there are few legal things that you must apply accordingly.

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Here are the few legal aspects that you must take care of while you are selling your motorcycle.

1.   Ensure that your all papers are right

First of all, you must have the motorcycle’s title, which is the single important proof of your ownership in the US. Secondly, you must have the bill of sale. It will identify all the parties who were involved while selling and buying your motorcycle. Without these documents, you cannot sell your vehicle.

2.   Check your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Every motorcycle has got a VIN, which you can include while listing your vehicle for sale. By doing this, your prospective buyers can verify the make, year, and model of your motorcycle and also get an insurance quote. You may also check in your insurance title or card, in case you are not sure about the VIN of the motorcycle.

3.   Confirm your details about your motorcycle registration

In the USA each state has got a DMV for handling the registration of vehicles. You may consider conducting your vehicle information check by looking at your state’s DMV. For that, you will need your title number plus and the corresponding VIN, and your system can automatically generate all your motorcycle’s registration details.

4.   Verify credentials before offering test rides

Before you offer your motorcycle for a test ride, there must be an agreement made. You must first verify the complete details of your prospective buyer’s credentials. Ensure the following:

  • Whether he has a motorcycle license?
  • Has he got a proper motorcycle helmet that is DOT-approved?
  • Also, whether is it accompanied by proper safety gear?

5.   Finalize the deal properly

When all the above steps have been completed then you can proceed with finalizing the sale. You must not be in hurry and try to rush the process through. Try to conduct the entire transaction diligently and you must verify every single detail. Be honest with your buyer, especially if he never owned a motorcycle.

You may share any important information about your motorcycle maintenance, also discuss post-sale hidden costs that any new buyer often may not anticipate.

While considering payment, establish an acceptable mode of payment before you eventually transfer the ownership of your motorcycle. Ensure that you get one copy of every sale documents that you must keep with you for future reference.

There are a number of sites through which you can easily sell your motorcycle online too.

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