Do You Want to Prepare the House Before You Install Flooring?

You can get long-lasting beauty to your home by installing hardwood flooring. Many hardwood floors may last for decades if you take proper care. Installing hardwood flooring can be a big project and hence it will be appropriate to hire professional and experienced wood floor installers.

Before you go for timber floor installation in your home, it will be necessary that you must prepare your house for that.

So, the following are the steps that you must take for that.

1.     Removal of debris

If you are hiring any flooring contractor, then they too can remove the debris and other wastes, however, they will charge additionally for that service. So, if you want to save that money then you can take it upon yourself and clean the site to a required level so that installers can start working immediately.

2.     Empty the room

While installing your new floor, you must empty the room. So, remove all your items present in the room as well as on the walls and store them somewhere else. If there is any big furniture then find another room close to that where you can keep them.

For a few days, you may have to live with a little inconvenience.

3.     Access and workspace

The professional who is going to work also needs some space where they can conveniently work. Find a place like your garage or a similar place in your home where it will be convenient for them to work.

Also, you need to provide them a safe place where they can store the tools that will be used during the work.

4.     Setup your containment zone

Also, it is necessary to protect the rest of your house and create a suitable containment zone. You can use plastic for covering your open doorways for keeping dust and dirt to enter other rooms. You can save your time in cleaning and dusting after your job is completed.

5.     Deconstruction

You need to check the condition of the room’s baseboard. If it is in very good shape then you can slowly peel it by using any small knife where the baseboard will meet the door casing.

For carpet installations, you do not have to remove the entire baseboard if you like to maintain the same look. Otherwise, remove your old floor.

6.     Prep and paint

While installing your new floor, you can take this opportunity to paint your room. You can patch the holes and imperfections by using the lightweight compound. After they are dried up you can put the primer followed by paint.

7.     Flooring installation date

In case, you want to go in the DIY way then you can work on your own schedule. However, if you have hired a professional then you must give them a target date. This means you also need to be ready with preparation and painting work before the flooring installer arrives.

If you do a little research then you can dig out several websites where you can click for more info that can be useful for your flooring installation.

Floors are often neglected when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It is essential that you keep them clean for proper hygiene and prevent any serious damage due to poor upkeep with FlooringPro Auckland services.

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