Five Effective Ways to Keep your Foundation in Good Shape

Homeownership is quite rewarding; however, it comes with responsibility. As a homeowner, one of the most important things you must do is to keep your home in great shape. You can achieve this by ensuring there are no problems with your home’s foundation. To prevent foundation issues and minimize the possibility of paying for an expensive foundation repair cost Houston, there are practices you must keep in mind. They include the following:

Trim Shrubs Regularly

In case there are shrubs and other vegetation near your home’s foundation, ensure you keep them trimmed. They should be shorter than three feet. If you have tall plants, you will need to water them more than you would with shorter plants. As your foundation gets that much water, it can get ultimately get damaged. If you have to plan shrubbery and hedges, do it around three feet from the foundation of your home.

Deal with Foundation Cracks Early

When your foundation has minor cracks, contact a foundation repair professional immediately to fill those cracks. The cracks will have to be cleaned thoroughly, left to dry, and filled with a concrete mix. If there are big cracks, do not try to fill them yourself as they may be signs of more serious issues which must be repaired only by professionals.

Ensure the Consistency of Moisture Level around your Foundation

Your foundation should not be too wet or too dry. That is why you must keep the moisture level around your home’s foundation consistent. If you are in a location where you experience very dry months, think about installing soakers or hoses to wet the foundation. But, if you have a wet season, have the soil graded to ensure water will flow away from your foundation.

Find Leaks in Underground Water Sources

Underground water is a requirement for many things around your house such as sprinkler systems, pools, and others. When these systems leak, your foundation can become wet and damaged. To avoid this problem, contact a plumber to check your underground systems every one or two years. They will be able to detect and repair leaks before you deal with expensive repairs.

Carry Out Foundation Inspections Regularly

You don’t have to see cracks know there are problems in your foundation. It is important to hire the services of professionals who will thoroughly inspect your foundation regularly at least twice every year. But, if you want to inspect the foundation yourself, look for signs such as buckling walls, sagging roofs, and window and doors that are not fitting.

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