Hiring a Divorce Attorney to Help You Prepare for the Divorce Proceedings

If you think your marriage is falling apart, you may want to prepare for divorce. Preparing early allows you to navigate the various challenges you may face in the future. Divorce is hard and overwhelming, so you must prepare for it as early as possible. When you plan for it, you can make sound financial and legal decisions for you and your family. Your preparation should include finding a reliable Columbus divorce attorney to work with. A great lawyer will take some of the burdens off your shoulders, making the divorce process more bearable for you. When you prepare for divorce, consider the tips below:

Start Organizing Things

If you have decided to get a divorce, it’s time to begin making a system to document and keep all the necessary information on your case. Your attorney will tell you the information you need, reducing or eliminating the chances of delays. By organizing things before your divorce, you can save both time and money. 

Get Copies of Documents

Once you get access to all related documents, get copies of them. These include tax returns, insurance policies, bank statements, and mortgage payments. You will need these copies when you dispute any discrepancies during the proceedings. 

Know Which Assets are Yours

You must know which assets you own, so you can avoid being taken advantage of during property division. List down the assets you are supposed to get and make a paper trail for high-value items or properties. Also, determine your assets’ total value and take photos of these assets. You will need these photos should it be necessary to prove their existence. 

Learn About the Finances of Your Spouse

It is also imperative to understand your spouse’s earning potential and finances. Does your spouse have any credit cards in their name? If so, get a precise figure of how much they make every year. Also, investigate to know if your spouse has outstanding loans or other kinds of debt. This allows you to get a fair divorce settlement. 

Plan How to Pay Debts

In a divorce, couples usually fight over who pays outstanding debts. Consult your lawyer if you should pay off your shared debts before the finality of your divorce. Also, verify which debts were accrued before and after your marriage. 

Preparing for divorce will ensure the legal process will run smoothly. Your attorney can help you do the necessary preparations and assist you with your legal disputes. 


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