How to Check Your Level of NEET Preparation

We all know how tough the NEET exam is for candidates. It takes years of practice and hard work to ace it and even after that candidate feels they have to do more. They continue to practice things to maintain their hold, which is the most crucial thing you must do if you want to pass NEET. You can’t tell yourself that you’ve done enough and don’t need any more practice. 

So how will you know that you are 100% prepared for NEET?

In real-time, solve three previous year NEET question papers. If you can score 600 or higher on these in three. Then you’re prepared for NEET.

Know what to do if you are not? This shows that there are still many problems you need to clear to ace it.

NEET preparation necessitates forethought and perseverance. However, there are many tips that will definitely help you better navigate your studies and recall concepts and theories during exams.




You must be completely committed to your goal and prioritize properly. You should not interrupt your study time with activities such as watching TV or social networking. They are to be used (if anyone uses them) in your spare time after you have completed the topics that you have planned for that day.


Hard work and practice


This is self-explanatory. You will have to put in a lot of effort to get those grades. However, with hard labour, smart work is required.

You must Practice… Practice… Practice… and Practice. This is one of the most crucial factors in preparing for any entrance exam. It will help you boost your concept application capacity while also progressively developing confidence in you.


Concentrate on maintaining speed and accuracy


The two most significant aspects of acing the NEET test are speed and accuracy. During the final month of NEET preparation, students must concentrate on developing time management skills.

Students must not only attempt a large number of questions, but they must also answer them correctly. As a result, applicants should not attempt the NEET 2021 question paper in a rush and risk making silly blunders. During their preparation, aspirants can use the NEET 2021 sample test to practice questions.

See the positive!


You’re doing everything you can to prepare for one of the toughest competitive tests, and you’re giving it everything you’ve got. However, when studying for the NEET, you must also learn to think optimistically, or at least aspire to do so. Your mindset determines the effectiveness of your learning process. It will not help you learn if you have a terrible attitude and constantly tell yourself that you can’t do it. Things will become more difficult if you adopt a gloomy mindset. When you start thinking positively, your brain becomes more creative. If you have the right mindset, you will also feel less concerned and more open to new ideas.


Create Appropriate Subject + Time Combinations


Who wants to spend hours studying one subject? The answer is, “nobody.” When you start studying a subject for an hour or two, you are bound to become bored. To avoid subject weariness, prepare to study multiple subjects every day in balanced combinations, so that when you get bored with one, you may switch to another, and so on.

Also, choose the best time slot for each course. Some, for example, like Math concepts in the morning, while others prefer physics. Similarly, some students like to study math at night, while others prefer to study physics. Make the time and NEET subjects combination that works best for you.


Take good care of yourself

Many applicants neglect their health while devoting the majority of their time to NEET preparation. Aspirants must be in good health to fully participate in the exam.

Students must get enough sleep before the exam. Sleep deprivation can lead to exhaustion and a high stress level, as well as a decrease in focus.

Non-academic tips which play a big role

  • Keep nice colourful notes, draw diagrams, and construct flowcharts to help you visualize the pages and finally lead to your memories. Try to figure out how you learn and memorize the material best, whether it’s by reading your notes or practising more questions.
  • Solve NEET 2020 question papers because it was just the previous year question paper which will be telling you the present scenario.
  • Study every topic in every course because questions can be asked about anything on the NEET syllabus (Most important- NCERT especially for Biology and Chemistry, sometimes from outside as well).
  • Don’t skip a chapter because you dislike it and are unable to complete its questions or have problems learning it. That is the area that will cause problems in final exams because it will be your weakness till the day if you continue to ignore it. So, try to get a handle on such areas by practising more questions from them.
  • If you haven’t already done so, enrol in a coaching institute. Being in a coaching facility exposes you to a large number of good questions, and the tests administered there, which are based on the NEET pattern, can assist you in reducing the anxiety level that many students experience when taking the actual exam.
  • Your notions must be solid and crystal-clear so that you may have faith that there will be no question in the final test that will go over your head and you will be unable to answer it.
  • Know everything in Biology NCERT, including every line. Think of it as your holy book.
  • Maintain a consistent study schedule (The most important thing). This will be accomplished if you practice questions daily and constantly review the themes from your sources (books or notes).
  • Have faith in yourself, don’t lose motivation in any situation, and be confident at all times.


 The exam tests 3 subjects i.e., Biology, Chemistry, and Physics with Biology getting the natural higher priority. The exam gets over in 3 hours and 180 MCQ with negative marking for fairness. While the NEET Preparation tests the students over a vast syllabus, it requires a proper plan to tackle it. Like with all entrance examinations, this requires a proper setup. Proper study materials, question banks, test series, mock tests, revision material, and doubt clearing facility. A good combination of these along with a good planner can enable an aspirant to prepare for the examination.


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