How to top your class 8 exams effectively with these tips?


In this competitive world, everyone wants to be first in the line. Competing from the start helps us to build confidence and secure our achievement. To stay in that competitive world you need to be aware and punctual towards your goals and achieving good marks from the start is the best way. If you want to attend a more competitive college, you should aim to have a class rank from the higher classes. So, the question is How to top your class 8 exams?  First, you need a proper plan for preparing for these exams. So in this article, you will find some effective tips for top in your exams.

Study tips for class 8:-

  • Proper timetable-

First of all, prioritize subjects. This is the main important thing. Give more time to more difficult subjects and simultaneously mix the handy subjects daily like Hindi, EVs and  GK which have the higher possibility to score full marks. A good timetable helps us to be disciplined and achieve our goals in a very effective way. A timetable also helps to get rid of the panic before exams. Studying one subject at a time. Set realistic goals. Goals are such motivating and important back dirt to keep you on track. It is important to find a goal-setting system that works well for you.

  • Solve sample papers-

Practice previous year question papers with a prescribed time limit which will enhance your writing speed and you’ll be able to manage time properly in exams and also switch to supplementary books for extra knowledge. Sample papers are always helpful to analyze the type of questions asked in exams. You can also visit  NCERT Books for Class 8 online.

  • Time management-

The management plays a very significant role in covering the entire syllabus. Dedicate separate time for different chapters and solve sample papers at a restricted time by yourself. Proper time management helps to reduce last-minute anxiety and stress.

Give at least 4-5 hours to your studies daily. Planning study time is most crucial because it depends on you how you manage your time. Management is the key to becoming more productive in general. Divide the time accordingly like 2 hours daily for math and other hours for theoretical subjects. Be pretty obvious what you have to do. It just helps you get a clear overview of your goals. Prioritize your task and distribute your time accordingly.

  •  Prepare Notes-

Notes are the best way to keep summarizing the syllabus. Assure to make notes from the beginning of academics. Always stay active and engaged during your lectures and write key points and organize your ideas in the notebook. Make a list of important concepts and also highlight keywords. Review Your notes after Class. Preparing notes by yourself helps to learn faster and make a good concentration during the study. Highlights important points while skimming. Notes will be very helpful in the exam time revision.

  • Avoid electronic gadgets-

Nowadays, smartphone, TV, and video games addiction among students is commonly seen. It wastes 3-4 hours per day, using mobile devices for non-work activities. Excessive use of electronic gadgets impact the lack of contraction in studies and if affects their learning and their behaviour. The best way to get rid of distractions from your electronic gadgets is to utilize that time by doing some of your favourite hobbies like reading books, dancing and other curricular activities. 

  • Develop a habit of writing-

 This is a super common question people are wondering how they can consistently incorporate writing into their routine and stick with it. A proper schedule is probably one of the most useful tools that you can introduce into your writing routine. Daily I learn some new English words and participate in quiz competitions. Developing a habit of writing is the best way to learn and cover the topics for exams. Writing what you study helps to ensure what you learn. When you write things down it will help you a lot while attempting social science and mathematics questions.

  • Revision, revision and revision-

The revision will help you to remember facts, figures and better be able to answer questions. Revise your main topics every week on Saturday and Sunday. It is the basic concept to get full marks in exams. List and write down all important formulas in your notes and practice two or more problems related to that formula and revise all the formulas written before the exam. First, revise the well-learned topic and then go to raw topics which you haven’t prepared well because that stuff will be saved in the temporary memory. 

  • Take a break between study sessions-

Taking small breaks in study sessions helps you to retain information and improve both focus and attention. If you have to crack your exam you need to study five hours a day. But when you study after 1-1.5 hours our efficiency and productivity go down. Our mind has reached the saturation point. If you want to be able to grasp the concept easily you need small breaks. Don’t go for electronics and smartphones in these breaks. Instead, you can also utilize this time by doing some of your favourite hobbies, listening to music, walking around, and spending some quality time with family members. You will feel regenerated and also enhance your efficiency and productivity. You will be able to focus on your study well.

  • Keep yourself healthy-

Nutrition plays a very important role in a student’s life. Good quality food and vegetables provide our body with energy vitamins and fibre which in turn enhance proper body function and keep our energy levels up and mind fresh.

Hence, keep your brain active and sharp before the exam. Working hard and sincerely in class 8 can set a very good grip for the rest of the year. Hope these preparation tips of mine help students to score well.

All the best for your exams.


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