Importance of NCERT solution class 12 Chemistry

Scoring a good grade in class 12 becomes important as it is the base class for your career. Grades you score in class 12 will determine where you will land for college. Consider class 12 as the first step and where you put your first step will tell you where the next step will be i.e. college. Students with science stream especially have a do or die situation as any occupation under this stream requires years of study. Losing a year would mean the waste of expensive tuition and your hard work.

Many of the students studying science in senior school find Chemistry more difficult than any other subject. With so many chemical formulas, chemical equations and diagrams, students cannot be blamed. Therefore, the answer to all students’ prayers with Chemistry is NCERT solutions class 12 Chemistry. NCERT solutions will provide you with everything necessary for you to secure a perfect grade in Chemistry. NCERT solutions is one place that consists of solutions to all the chapters covered in the NCERT book. NCERT solutions provide solutions for all classes and subjects. You can use NCERT solutions for study as well as reference and understanding purposes.

Some benefits of using NCERT solutions are listed below:

Understanding of concepts

NCERT solutions are designed so that they are easy to understand for the students. The aim behind creating NCERT solutions is to make students understand the concepts mentioned in the NCERT Book. The concepts are explained in easy language. While the language is easy, the answers certainly do not lose the gist of the concept. Understanding concepts is the sure way to secure good marks in class 12. These solutions also include keywords that are often highlighted. When you use these words and highlight them, it is easy for the examiner to correct your answers.

Emphasis on critical chapters

NCERT solutions provide you with a detailed explanation of critical chapters. It provides you a chapter-wise weightage or mark. By critical chapter, we mean either those chapters that carry more marks than other chapters or those chapters that are considered difficult by the majority of students. There are examples and diagrams for better explanation of concepts that are hard to understand. NCERT solutions provide you with explanations of experiments that are mentioned in NCERT class 12 Chemistry book. These explanations of experiments help you to understand the concepts as well as to perform practicals effectively. NCERT solutions help you understand the underlying concepts of the chapter.

Saves time and energy

NCERT solutions provide you with answers in a single place. It collects answers from all the solution books. This saves students’ time by not searching through different solution books. Students do not have to look anywhere else on the internet or at different booklets provided by institutes. You just need to download the PDF and you will get all the answers. These PDFs can be downloaded for free. This saves you time and energy. You can access these PDFs even when you are offline. When you study offline then you get less distracted. NCERT solutions in the form of PDFs improves focus.

Based on CBSE guidelines

The NCERT solutions are curated adhering to CBSE guidelines. The ultimate goal is to use these solutions in exams. There would be no point in these NCERT solutions if they are not acceptable in board examinations. Therefore it ensures that all the solutions that are provided to you are based on the curriculum approved by the CBSE. This ensures that all the formulas, chemical equations and examples mentioned in the solution can be used in the board examinations. All these solutions will be approved within examinations.

Curated by experts

NCERT solutions are curated by professional teachers who are experts in this field. These teachers hold honourable degrees and have framed these questions after a considerable amount of research. Teachers have ensured that the answers are of high quality yet they are easy to understand by the students. These PDFs are also assembled by students so that you get your PDFs on time. Since students are a part of the making of these solutions you can be assured that these solutions are made keeping in mind the students’ point of view in the board exam.

Updated study material

NCERT solutions are revised regularly to provide you with the best possible answers. Answers are updated if any new topic, experiment, concept, equation, formula or diagram is added to the existing syllabus. The answers are revised at regular intervals to provide you with accurate answers. The revised NCERT solutions will help you to understand and comprehend all the newly added important concepts in the syllabus. NCERT solutions also keep you updated on the status of changes made to the exam patterns and syllabus changes. These solutions provide you with relevant examples from modern-day lives rather than learning from age-old examples that students of today do not find relevant.

Additional questions for practice

You cannot understand the working of practical and numerical concepts until you practice them. This goes for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Practical knowledge is important in Chemistry if you are expecting a career in this field. To enhance your tactical skills, NCERT solutions provide additional questions to the existing NCERT questions. These extra questions help you to understand the concept. The more problems and questions you solve, the more you are confident to attempt the exam. NCERT has a collection of extra questions taken from various solution books, CBSE sample papers and previous years’ questions papers. Practising these questions will help you to gain confidence in the practical aspect of this paper.

These benefits make NCERT solutions a perfect option for you to read, understand, comprehend and practice without any unnecessary cost from the comfort of your house. So save up your time and money, start your journey towards excellence with these NCERT solutions and don’t be afraid of Chemistry anymore. With such intense practice and understanding of concepts, good grades are not impossible to achieve.

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