Score 100 % Marks In Class 4 Maths With These Tips

Even though math is one of the top-performing subjects in every class, about 60% of students dislike it. Mathematics may be a nightmare for some kids and a joy for others. Either one may get it totally correct or completely incorrect. This is, however, the total ratio for the topic scoring.


Many students get discouraged by maths in class 4 and begin to believe it is a subject they are just not good at. Be aware of this and work to prevent you from having a negative attitude about mathematics. Encourage yourself to practice when a task seems tough and to try various approaches. If you are having trouble with arithmetic issues, have them read each problem out loud slowly and attentively so that you can hear the difficulty and consider the question. This allows you to solve the issue and come up with problem-solving solutions.

How to get a score of 100% in class 4 maths


Many of us think that having an exceptional brain is required to shine in mathematics. However, this is not the case. Math is a topic that helps students develop rational thinking and a logical approach to problems. It’s tough for a student to fall in love with mathematics overnight, but here are a few tips to help you improve your math score.

Keep these tips in your mind while you prepare:


Keep track of formulas, theories, and techniques in a separate file


Maths is all about formulas, ideas, and tricks, therefore you should always have them on hand. Even while you’re on the move, you can read them. When you’re making last-minute revisions, this technique comes in handy.


Come up with your solutions

 It is beneficial to work through a variety of issues, but you must also ensure that you solve them for yourself. It is simple to acquire ideas and concepts, but it is more difficult to learn how to apply them. So, if you want to get full marks in Mathematics, you must answer each question at least three to four times on your own.


Recognize the Syllabus


Knowing your syllabus of Class 4 and the weight assigned to different parts can help you determine how much time you should devote to each subject. If you know there will be a 5 mark question from a particular area, for example, you won’t have to spend as much time on those questions.


Identify areas for improvement


Recognizing the areas where you need to put more effort will undoubtedly help you improve your score. Solving CBSE Class 4 Maths Question Paper, sample papers and taking writing exams may help you identify which areas need more practice to enhance your results.


Keep the test paper as clean as possible


Keep in mind that the examiner must examine each stage of your answer, and in most steps, he will not have much time to devote to a single response. For rough work, avoid overwriting and leave clear margins.


Give your answers in steps


When reviewing an answer, be sure to pay close attention to the processes that led you to contact the person who provided the answer. In math, you can’t just write the solution and receive a perfect score, therefore paying attention to the numbers is a waste of time. Instead, learn to keep track of the processes required. You’ll almost certainly get some points for each stage.


Take a go at the questions you’ve seen before.


Before you start answering the questions, read the question paper carefully. It’s natural to get stuck on questions you don’t understand, but keep in mind that you only have so much time to complete the answers. To get a good grade in math, you must first answer the questions you are familiar with before moving on to the problems you are unfamiliar with.


Produce graphs


If you create graphs and figures with care and correctness, they may help you get better grades. You’ll need a ruler and a sharpened pencil for this. These are some of the most basic items that you should remember to bring with you since they are crucial in obtaining good grades in Class 4. Make sure you are not scared of the topic to provide your best performance in Class 4 annual  Exams. Make it a pleasant experience instead. The only thing you should keep in mind is that in math, there are no shortcuts.


Make a formula book


Mathematics is a formula-based discipline. Many students have the issue of forgetting formulae when it comes to arithmetic. And you’ll be surprised to learn that the formula is a key component of a successful Math paper.

Begin by working through some examples


Don’t begin by attempting to solve difficult issues. Solving difficult sums will give you the incorrect answer and depress you if you have just learned the chapter. It may make you hate math even more. Instead, begin with the examples. Work through the problems in your textbook. Make sure you don’t check the answer before you start. Compare your answer to the solution in the textbook or the reference book you’re using. Check that all of your steps, not just the primary solution, are accurate. You’re ready to go on to the easier issues after you’ve mastered all of the steps. You may go to the harder ones after you’ve commanded them.



Maths isn’t as frightening or tough as it seems. It’s a topic that many people hate. It is, however, the one topic that will benefit you long after school has ended! Other disciplines, such as physics and chemistry, make extensive use of it. The greatest thing about math is that it may be your highest-scoring subject if you get the hang of it. It’s not impossible, and it’s a lot simpler than it seems. Exams are important in a student’s life, and being worried before one is natural. However, if you plan properly, there will be no need to be concerned. Follow the above-mentioned tips and let us know how they helped you prepare for your exams. Best of luck with your examinations. Good luck with your studies!


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