Single-Wall or Double-Wall Custom Boxes: Which One is for You?

Picking the right packaging boxes is important. You have many options to choose from with varying prices and features. Although you might be tempted to pick the lowest priced option to minimize your shipping costs, this could lead to product damage during transit. Also, using the wrong packaging material can result in frustrations and wasted time. When buying boxes, the first decision to make is whether to buy single or double wall boxes from a reputable
custom box manufacturer. Keep reading to know how these options can fit your needs:

Single Wall Boxes

These boxes are designed using just a layer of fluting. They are commonly used for shipping in the e-commerce industry. They are economical boxes that offer cushioned protection and rigidity that shopping containers require.

Corrugated cardboard is composed of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards. Their flutes run parallel to the depth and of the box and offer the strength and rigidity for stacking. Also, they offer insulation to protect the contents of the box from sudden changes in temperatures.

Flutes are available in different sizes. Short flutes provide a good degree of crush resistance than bigger flutes. However, bigger flutes absorb more shocks and offer more protection. That is why bigger flutes are commonly used in single wall boxes. These boxes are made using A, B, C, and E flutes.

Double Wall Boxes

These boxes are made using a couple of layers of fluting rather than one. Often, the layers are different sizes to combine the advantage of different flute types. Boxes with double walls feature 5-ply construction that offers a good deal of strength. This is the reason businesses use them for heavier items and products which require a greater deal of protection than what a single-wall box can offer. As double wall boxes are more rigid, they are also a better option than single-wall boxes for long-term storage.

Often, double wall flutes are made using B and C flutes, although they may also be made using combinations such as A/C, B/C or B/E. These combinations are often used for heavy-duty containers. The rigidity and extra padding make them ideal for carrying heavy goods. Double wall boxes are used in retail outlets and manufacturing facilities because of their durability and strength.

As you shop for custom boxes, think about how they will be used. Keep in mind that custom double wall boxes tend to require a bigger investment than their single-wall counterparts. However, they could save you the expense of damaged products and frustration of product or shipping boxes that do not stack neatly.

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