Spoilt for Choice, Hotels in Vietnam

If you are looking for somewhere that offers variety of choice when it comes to where you stay, then Vietnam must be near the top of the list. Whether you are looking for a place to stay and chill, or even somewhere to take the work team, perhaps a romantic getaway is in order. Whatever the occasion, Vietnam has all you need to offer, it hosts some of the world’s most unique hotels in terms of design and functionality. You will want to consider how long you are there for and your purpose of stay, some hotels will of course be closer to the airport yet others may offer precisely what you want. 


If you are looking for a romantic retreat then you might look for a coastal hotel with a ‘take me away from everything, desert island kind of feel.’ On the other hand, you might want to really push the boat out and go for a hotel that offers an experience of a lifetime, designed around art and intimacy where you can order Italian food direct to your room and be waited on hand and foot, or spend the day exploring the different scenery that they offer and artistic characteristics designed to grab you.

Team building

Alternatively, you might be wanting to look for somewhere affordable, cool and modern, somewhere aspirational, a place that encourages imagination, relaxation and comfort but also won’t break the bank. One of the latest offerings located here, khách sạn sài gòn quận 1 opened its first hotel this year and has already accomplished some seriously awesome achievements in regards to customer satisfaction.


Alternatively, you may wish to go for something a little more formal with luxurious settings within Ho Chi Minh itself, some of the architecture is simply outstanding, almost taking you away from the city and off into another world. You’d never know you were in a big city; some guests have, apparently, been so captivated that they never leave the hotel for the period of their stay. There are a few hotels to choose from that offer slightly different characteristics, some art, some design and functionality regardless, they all seem to offer a great experience in terms of quality.

Customer focused 

One thing is clear to see when looking at hotels in Vietnam, especially within Ho Chi Minh itself, there has been some real investment over recent years, both in terms of money and thought when it comes to what customers want. The reviews say it all, the majority of the customers are extremely satisfied for 2 reasons, one, for the unique feel of where they stayed and two, for the care they received whilst there.

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