The Café Culture Lives on in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of many things. It is a city of mixed cultures, it is a city of lots of traffic, and more importantly, it is a city that harbors the hopes and dreams of millions of people. The capital of Thailand and one of the largest cities in the world, Bangkok, caters to millions of people. It’s a bustling metropolis that attracts millions of people from all over the globe around the year. Tourism is one of the major economies in Thailand, and Bangkok benefits most from this.

However, one thing that you are going to find lined and dotted at every street corner is the street cafes. The café culture in Bangkok lives on and each day millions of customers walk in and out of those gates, often holding a plastic, disposable cup in their hands.

All Kinds of Cafes

There are all kinds of cafes in Bangkok. There are the smaller, street side cafes which sell inexpensive coffee and tea, along with a bite to eat. Then, you have the more expensive variants which cater to people who have heavier pockets. One of the best cafés is the Sretsis café in Bangkok. It was opened in December 2017, and is the ideal place to visit if you want a cozy environment where you can just sit and relax with a bunch of friends. The meticulously designed interior of the café takes you away from the bustle of your daily life and transports you into a calm and peaceful environment, ideal for a break in the afternoon.

The interior of the café looks nothing short of a fairytale, because the draperies and the carpeted floors and the dim lighting all play an important role in making the place look as unique and as different as possible. Want a peaceful and relaxing environment where you can just unwind and have some good conversations with your friends? This is it!

What’s So Charming About Cafes?

The simple reason why so many people go to these cafes even today is because it gives them a break from their busy day. Have some comfort food and drink a hot cup of tea or coffee, and just let yourself loose for a while. The calm and cozy environment inside is just the cherry on top of the whole experience, and it’s obvious that the culture will live on!

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