Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Trip

Do you ever feel too stressed out when organizing and getting ready for a trip? A lot of people make the mistake of only seeing the major tourist sights while traveling, which they subsequently regret. Besides, even though you have your entire trip planned out, it is best to look for infamous areas that are not known enough and are prettier than the famous ones. 

Well, if you check out TikTok or Instagram, there are several travel blogs where you can find out about cheaper areas, more beautiful and undiscovered locations, and much more. In order to learn more about these places beforehand, all you need is good internet and an account on either Instagram or TikTok. For good internet, we suggest you check out Ziply Fiber plans. The internet is super fast and affordable.. So, before traveling, travel through your phone by using a good internet connection.

Well, besides that, below we have discussed all the things that you need to keep in mind while planning and preparing for a trip. Let’s get started!


First things first, it is important to know which area will be easy to travel to under your budget. While Google might not be that helpful in this case, it is best to consult with a travel agent as they will let you know when the area is at its cheapest, and what are the peak days. Besides, a travel consultant will also get you tickets when they are the cheapest. They will help you make a proper budget for when you are there besides all the air tickets.

When traveling to a new place, you need to have a budget depending on the number of days you will spend there and the number of places you will visit. There are several things to consider when making your budget, and in order to cover all the aspects, consulting a travel agent or planner is best.


Planning is as important as making a budget. Well, when it comes to planning we mean coming up with a travel plan that will have a timeline of travel destinations and activities you will do on your trip within the time mentioned. When you have a plan drafted in front of you, it is easier to make other arrangements such as transport and other stuff. Besides, when you have a plan it saves you time because once you are there, you should know what you will be doing next, unless it is a last-minute change.


You should always prioritize research before making any new plans because when planning you should know what will work best in that situation. People frequently observe other people visiting areas and then go to the same locations without considering whether they would prefer somewhere else. Therefore, look for areas that are uncommon yet worthwhile visiting before you make travel plans. While some places might work for other people, it is not important that the same place might work well for you too. So, it is always best to do your research and chose the place that suits you best.

Do Not Overfill Your Bags

Well, when it comes to preparation, we tend to get excited, and because of this, we often overfill our bags. We understand that you would want to get aesthetic pictures for your blog and Instagram, but carrying a lot of luggage will make things inconvenient for you. To have a good trip with minimal luggage, take one or a maximum of two pairs of pants with different t-shirts and dresses.

Also, don’t take a lot of extra shoes, scarves, and accessories. Try to fit everything in one small bag and there are plenty of videos online where you can learn how to fold your clothes to fit into one small bag. You should also not overfill your bags because you will need space for the things you will buy on your trip.

Download Offline Maps for Remote Areas

Well, a very efficient thing that we recently learned and realized is that you should definitely have offline maps on your phone at all times. Having an offline map helps you navigate your way when you are in a remote area and you don’t have access to the internet. So, if you go to a remote area next time and don’t want to get lost, download offline maps on your phone.

List down the Credentials of Your Planned Locations on Paper

Besides offline maps, you are never sure about the internet connection when you visit a new place. So, it is best to list down the credentials of all your lodges and locations you will be visiting on paper, so that you can find your way through the new city.

Do not Stick to the Mainstream Locations

As we discussed, it is pointless to stick to overrated mainstream locations because they are extremely crowded, overpriced, and not even that peaceful. You can check out many blogs on TikTok as well as Instagram where a lot of travelers from all around the world will guide you over the undiscovered and beautiful places around the world that many people don’t know about.

Recently, in a blog, we learned how there are cheaper places in Greece that are not only cheaper than the mainstream Santorini but also prettier – the lodges are prettier, the streets and restaurants are beautiful and they are comparatively more peaceful. This way you can also learn how to make the most of your money.

Learn the Basic Native Language

Before going on a trip to a foreign country, it is best to always learn the basics of their native language. Well, it is important because not only it will make communication easy in the foreign land, but you should also learn their language out of respect for the locals there. Well, as they say, when in France, speak like the French.

Learn About the Historical Value of the Places You Plan to Visit

When you learn about the historical places and the historical value of a new place that you visit, it not only builds up excitement in you but also helps you understand the essence of that place. Imagine going to Turkey and not knowing the History behind the Hagia Sophia mosque, or the Topkapi Palace. Well, reading about the history of a place always makes it more exciting and helps you connect with the language, culture, heritage, and historical buildings of that place.

Make a List of Street Foods You Will Try

One thing that is also important and adds value to your visit is trying out the street food of that place. When going on a trip, we suggest you do your research regarding the local street food, and instead of always dining in fancy restaurants, try out the street food because that is what represents the actual local life of that area. Trying street food will not only give you a new experience but it will also save you a lot of money that you might spend on fancy meals.

Take a Polaroid Camera with You

While we don’t appreciate using too much of your phone or cameras, taking a polaroid camera will help you capture small moments then and there and bring them back as memories. Also, when on a trip, take photos with the locals of that area and keep them with you for the experience.

Set a Day to Explore the Local Markets and Areas

As we discussed earlier, when you go on a trip, spend a day with the locals there to know about their lives and lifestyle. Each trip that you take somewhere and every time that you spend with a stranger in a foreign land, helps you tap into your inner self. It also helps you understand the world in a better way and keeps your toes on the ground.

Final Thoughts

Well, there is a reason that they say it is important to travel, and the reason is that traveling broadens your perspective and gives you a new outlook on life. Besides being about fun, traveling feeds your soul and keeps you positive. Well, apart from that, when going on travels these are the things that you should always keep in mind in order to have a smooth trip. We hope this information was helpful for you and that you will enjoy your trip.

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