Time to See What Your Properties Really Worth

Have you ever wondered how much your property in Herne Hill is worth? Most people will have done at one time or another and they may have even gone online and taken a look at some of the property valuation web sites. Whilst they are great for giving you an overview, they are still ‘only’ providing you with an estimate, or, best guess based on the market at that current time. What if you want a ‘proper’ evaluation though?

It’s all in the detail

Online services are ok for getting a rough idea of what your property is worth, but they aren’t able, ‘yet, anyway’ to look inside your property to assess the condition of the living spaces or, to conduct a structural survey which can help in a few ways. For example, if you are a buyer, or seller then, you’ll want a professional building surveyor from Herne Hill to assess the property first, if nothing else, to protect yourself, and your pockets.

Better to be safe than sorry

In some cases, people have purchased, or sold a property without having a structural survey done, only to find out that there is some kind of fundamental flaw in the property’s construction. Sometimes, things like water ingress, problems with foundations or, issues that may lead to potential subsidence in the future, just aren’t easy to detect unless you know what you are looking for. However, as a buyer, or a seller, they could very well turn your investment into a money pit, the wise thing to do would be to employ a building surveyor.

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