Tips on How to Organize Your Storage Room

Storage rooms are perfect for organizing things you’re not yet using, but you don’t want to get rid of. If you have extra space at home, you can use it as a storage unit. The problem is if you don’t organize the room, it becomes too messy. You might find it difficult to look for the things you stored the next time you wish to use them. These tips will help in organizing the storage room.

Don’t dump everything in the room

Just because you have an extra room doesn’t mean you should use it to store everything. You have to identify the items you don’t need and throw them away. These things will only make the storage room even more challenging to organize. If you have several items to let go of, you can rent a dumpster. Consider Fort Lauderdale dumpster rentals if you reside in the area. The dumpsters are available in various sizes, depending on your needs. Let them know if you need one to help you organize the storage room.

Label everything

Make sure that all the items kept in the storage room have labels. You will find it difficult to search for what you need in the absence of a label. You can also place containers with similar contents in the same area. In doing so, you won’t have to keep digging if you need to find something.

Dismantle the furniture

If you want to keep the furniture in a storage room, you need to dismantle it first. Otherwise, it will occupy too much space. Before you do so, you should check first if you wish to keep the furniture. If it’s beyond repair, you can just throw it away.

Put all heavy items on the bottom

When stacking all the boxes, you should start with the heaviest items at the bottom. You can easily locate the things you need next time if the lightest containers are on top. You will also avoid the possibility of crushing all the smaller items if placed below.

Protect fragile items first

If you intend to keep breakable objects such as mirrors, glass, and bottles, you have to protect them first. Cover them with old blankets or bubble wrap. It would help if you also kept them in the same area. Never hang anything fragile since slight movements could cause it to fall and break.

Always clean the storage room

After storing all the things you don’t need yet, your job isn’t over. You have to maintain the cleanliness of the room. You might decide to come after a year, and realize that the room already gathered dust and cobwebs. Failure to clean the storage area could also adversely impact the quality of the things you kept.

Set a day when you have to move several boxes in the storage room, and take your time to do the job. Ask help from family members if there are heavy boxes you have to carry. You can also request cleaning services if you don’t think you can get the job done alone.


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