University Admission: Getting Placement Through Clearing

The release of student A-level results in the UK is accompanied with a mixture of emotions. Some students view this to be a time of opportunity while others who achieve not-so-good exam results view it as a time of failure. This A-level result can be used to secure admission to the University of one’s choice. Universities are usually under a lot of stress at the time of grade publishing as a lot of enquiries are being made and applications processed. Clearing is one of the ways by which students can get into higher learning institutions despite having not-so-good A-level grades.

What Is Clearing?

Clearing is a system for entry into institutions of higher learning that works effectively. It is not reserved for applicants who missed their grades as applicants that achieved better results in their exams have the chance to “trade up” to other higher learning institutions as soon as the results are released.

Clearing should not be disdained but rather viewed by applicants as an alternative route to progress and leveraging their exam results and other circumstantial information to get the university placement they want.

How to Secure a University Admission Through Clearing

Nearly all higher learning institutions have available vacancies in Clearing and students who are seeking a place in the university via Clearing aren’t treated any differently than others. In cases where students score higher than is required by their first choices, they can “trade up” their first-choice university’s offer.

Below are some tips to make the process of Clearing less demanding and stressful.

  • Plan and make up your mind about what universities you will contact and why. ApplytoUni is a renowned online resource that provides Clearing information for universities.
  • Determine what makes your first choice worthwhile. Why did you choose it?
  • Draw up a shortlist of your preferred five universities with grade requirements that you meet.
  • Have an action plan to follow on result release day in the event that your results don’t turn out as expected.
  • Remain calm.

Clearing as a Necessary Path in Higher Education Institutions

Clearing is an undisputed route for getting a university placement for the following reasons:

  • One-eighth of the students in higher education institutions running full-time programs got there by Clearing.
  • Clearing is open to use by students outside the UK to enter directly into higher learning institutions of their choice.
  • In 2015, 64,300 students got university placements through Clearing.
  • There is an excess of 30,000 courses that are listed as vacant on the UCAS website.
  • More students are being recruited by universities, including those with top-notch entry requirements.

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