Useful Tips for Planning a Whale Watching Adventure

If you happen to be in NSW between May and November, you simply must experience whale watching at least once in your life. The majestic Humpback Whale migrates annually and thousands make the journey north from Antarctica to the warm, tropical waters off QLD and beyond, before returning to the cold Antarctica waters, which is their feeding ground.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for what will be the experience of a lifetime observing the Humpback Whale annual migration.

What to Wear

You will likely encounter wind and sea spray, so a light, waterproof jacket is advised (pair of waterproof pants are also advised) and a pair of shoes with good grip. You might get lucky and enjoy a calm day with no wind, or you might have a rough one! Take motion sickness medication if you have no sea legs and a waterproof bag for your smartphone and camera is a must.

Learn About Whale Behaviour

There are quite a few surface behaviours you will see when observing Humpbacks and the Internet hosts a wealth of information that will enrich the experience. The most spectacular surface is the breach, when the whale powers upwards and leaves the water to come crashing down. Make sure you have your camera at the ready because this can happen at any time when whales are around.

Other surface activities include:

  • Pec slap – The whale lays on its side and flaps its pectoral fin onto the surface, which is thought to be to remove parasites.
  • The Spy Hop – The whale is vertical ion the water and ‘bobs’ its head, which is believed to be a way of surveying the area.
  • The Tail Slap – The whale slaps its fluke down hard on the water, which might be as a warning.
  • The Tail Up Dive – The start of a deep dive, the fluke is raised vertically as the whale slides down.

If you would like to book a space on one of the special boats for whale watching in Narooma, all it takes is a Google search to locate a tour operator and you can book online.


This can ruin your experience and if you are unsure, take some motion sickness medication about one hour prior to embarking. If you start to feel queasy, try to focus your gaze on the horizon and avoid looking at the things around you.

Everyone should experience whale watching at least once in their life and with online booking, you can prepare for a truly unique experience.

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