Want to know more about custom Velcro patches

The Velcro patches have played a vital role in history and keep paying in present. The Velcro patches are also known as cloth badges which are manufactured with different fabrics. There are backed on the jackets and hat by sewing earlier but now there are backed using different machines.

Let know about the history of patches?

The embroidered patches have played the main role for military tool and identification. During the First World War the head of the military use the patches to identify that the person is an Allie or an enemy. Nowadays the government use the embroidered patches on the military uniforms to know their level, for emergency services or any other specialized work.

The custom velcro patches are used for donating some special service or motive just by seeing it like astronauts use patches on their suits to denote a specific mission they are going or planning for. Many sports clubs have their own patches to represent their team and level of the team in the world rank.

Manufacturing of the Velcro patches

Before the invention of any machinery, the patches are made by the hand, the process remains the same as before. The first step is to cut the fabric in the desirable patch. To prevent it from falling and flying the edges of the patches are heated sealed. Then, at last, it sewed on the cloth. But they are not so strong as you get nowadays.

Machinery created patches are more reliable and more strongly fixed. As now the patches are made by machinery they creator just have to insert the design and fabric in the machine and else all the work is completed by the machine, custom velcro patches can attach and detach on the cloth whenever you want.

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