What are the Most Effective Types of Facebook Ads for Ecommerce?

When you are well acquainted on when to position sales based campaigns in Facebook advertising in Singapore, you also need to know about the most effective Facebook ads too:

  1. Carousel ad format

This is one of the most effective ways to make the most of product positioning as it is the most interactive format for the users rather than just using a single image or a single video format and it also helps in creating a lot of engagements with your ad and increasing the time spent on that as well.

  1. Slideshow video format

This is one of the most underused formats, but it can help in enhancing the effectiveness of your campaign by grouping individual product images in the form of a video. This is ideal when your target audience has already visited your product pages, and then you can embed a slideshow creative of your product images on your website with your testimonials to boost your sales.

  1. Single video format

Video is the hottest type of content on Facebook at present. It helps in gaining the attention of your target audience in the Newsfeed and can also retain the attention for greater engagement. When you use such videos in your ads, you can step ahead of your competitors who only use images for selling their products.

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