Why are youngers dreaming of being entrepreneurs

The younger generations have better ideas and dreams about their future. Stuck inside a company working their ass off is the last thing the new people want. The number of pursuers of entrepreneurship Singapore and all other major markets around the world is a clear sign of how much the youngsters want to start their own business. There are many reasons why youngsters think this way.

No need to take orders from a boss

The old work culture where the boss dominates is the last thing new graduates need. Starting their own business gives them the independence to do their job without taking orders from any higher authority.

Fast-track to a better life

It is a known fact that being in a business can help you earn faster than a fulltime job. No youngsters want to work for years to be successful. Many see entrepreneurship as a faster way to money and a better life.

More support than ever before

In the olden days, schools and parents equally wanted you to land a fulltime job. Ideas about starting a business were seen as a scary thing. But, things changed today, and schools are encouraging students to pursue their entrepreneurship dreams.

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